Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Priceless Commodity

When we go out , we see various signs saying "50% OFF!!" "25% SALE!!" "CLEARANCE SALE" and so on. They made me wonder which product in this world is 100% off.
Here is a riddle:
Can you guess which product is 100% off and along with the product you'll get money and a few gifts as well! Have you got the answer?
It is none other than a BRIDE . It is usually so, that the person who buys the product pays the money and then gets it. Whereas here the case is different. The person who "buys" gets the "product" without paying and the person who "sells" gains no material profit. You may be distressed about the fact that I am comparing a live human to a non living "product". Well, that is how the world is now.
This is an unforgivable social evil, which still prevails in this society beyond all laws and objections.
A girl who is facing this problem has to go on giving products for the bride groom's family despite her higher education. Despite the victim being a female, the culprit is also a female (I hope you realize who it is). When it comes to their own daughter, it is a different rule. They are so compassionate and sympathise towards the suffering daughter-in-laws in the world (even in t.v serials) except theirs.
This basically comes from the feeling of exclusiveness.